Seminars & Presentations

Pre-defined Courses

The following two popular courses, or slightly modified contents are frequently taught at leading industrial conferences. Duration of each course is for 4 hours including mid-break.

Course #1: Basic Principles of DC, Brushless and Other AC Motor Control ( Half-day)

This introductory course is to provide fundamental concepts of motor control. The objective of this course is for motors & drive designer, application engineers as well as marketing and management professionals who want to learn fundamental principles and basic knowledge on electromagnetic torque production theory, construction and operation of DC, PM brushless, Switched Reluctance, and Induction motors. This course also discusses about basic principles of feedback control and servo systems, PID regulators and their tuning procedure.
The course starts with the magnetic and mechanical structure of the various motor types (including DC, induction and SR motors) and feedback devices to understand torque production mechanism and required commutation logics. Discussion is followed by control of power semiconductor switches, PWM, motor drive topologies, drive hardware, control algorithms, and software implementation, as well as current and speed control. The content also explains pros and cons of drive technologies such as 6-step vs. sinusoidal, voltage drive vs. current drive, phase current regulator vs synchronous regulator, PID vs other controllers, sensored vs sensorless control, etc. From the author’s long experience in research and development of many different types of drives, practical and useful procedures in selecting control method, rule-of-thumb design rules, control system structure and tuning, performance vs. cost tradeoff, etc will be discussed.

Course #2: Field Oriented Control and Advanced AC Motor Control Algorithms (Half-day)

This course will provide in-depth knowledge and skills in control algorithms and software to design high performance AC motor drives and control systems. The course is intended for experienced engineers who have prior exposure in motor drive design, or have basic knowledge in DC and brushless motor control theory & PID control as outlined in Course #1.
The course starts with the basic principles of FOC (Field Oriented Control, aka Vector Control), reference frame transform theory, and dynamic motor model of PM motors and induction motors. Then the discussion continues in applying the FOC principles to PM synchronous motors, IPM, and induction motors. Discussion is followed by various advanced motor control techniques for high performance and energy efficiency including Predictive current control, Space Vector Modulation, Field Weakening operation, Sensorless control technologies, and Switched Reluctance motors. At the end of the course, the course will have an interactive discussion about special topics that might be of interest to the audience.
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On-Site Workshops

A comprehensive workshop tailored to your company’s interest and need is available. Please contact Dr. Ohm ( for desired topics and schedule.

Possible topics may include:

  • General introduction to electric motors and motor control theory
  • Brushless DC motor control
  • High performance PM motor control using Filed Oriented Control (FOC)
  • V/Hz control and Feedback Control of Induction Motors
  • Sensorless Control of PM and Induction Motors
  • Implementation and Tuning of PID control used in Motor Drives
  • Recent advances in Motor Control Algorithms
  • Optimal Selection of Micro-controllers for Motor drives
  • Control of Switched Reluctance motors and Reluctance Synchronous Motors
  • Boost rectifiers and other Power Converters
  • Design of Grid-tied Renewable Energy Inverters
  • Review and Interactive discussion on a Particular Power Electronics or Motor Drive Project

Conference Workshops

1. SMMA (MCMA) Fall Technical Conference

SMMA – The Motor & Motion Association is the manufacturing trade association for the electric motor and motion control industries. More than 120 member companies include manufacturers, suppliers, users, consultants and universities. Dr. Ohm from Drivetech presented a technical paper and a workshop. For detailed and up-to-date information, please visit or contact Drivetech.

2. Motor and Drive Systems Show & Conference

This international, industry-leading conference is focused on the latest growth trends and technical advancements impacting motor and drive systems. At the technical session, Dr. Dal Y. Ohm from Drivetech presented a paper titled, “Industrial and Consumer Application Examples of Sensorless Brushless PM Motors.” In addition, he led two pre-conference workshops

  • Basic Principles of Motor Drives and Motion Control (Morning)
  • Field Oriented Control and Advanced AC Motor Control Algorithms (Afternoon)

For details, please visit At this annual conference, there are many other excellent presentations on new and innovative technologies on motor and drive design, components, motion control systems, and power electronics/modules issues.