Industrial Motor Control (50W – 500kW)

  • High Performance PM Brushless Servo Drives
  • Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives
  • Sensorless Control
  • Inverter
  • Generator Control Drives
  • Power Supplies


Automotive Applications

  • Automotive Brushless Motor Drives
  • Electric Bikes and Wheel Chair Motor Control
  • Starter-Generator
  • High Voltage Propulsion for Electric Vehicles


Renewable Energy

  • Grid-connected Inverters (2kW – 100 kW)
  • Dual Axis Photovoltaic Tracker Motion Control
  • Wind Turbine Control
  • DC-DC Converters
  • Active Anti-islanding Methods
  • MPPT Algorithm


Other Applications

  • Medical and Health Care
  • Appliance
  • Farming and Lawn & Garden Equipments
  • Gas and Oil
  • Aerospace and Military




Motor Control & Drives

Vector Control Drives for 3-Phase Induction Motors
High performance Motor Drives for Switched Reluctance Motors
Machine Tool Motor Drives 1 – 30kW
Servo Drives for Textile Machine
Power Tools for Automobile Assembly Plant
80kW PM Motor Servo Drives
Drives (PM Motor) for Linear Actuators
High-speed 20kW Aircraft Starter-Generator System
Sensorless Drives for Low power Wireless Helicopter
Multi-axis Drives for Oil and Gas Drilling Application
Step Motor Drives for Various Machines
IPM Motor Drives for EV Applications (Various Power Level)
PM motor Drives for Medical Application (Pumps, Power Tools, etc.)
Control System Design for Dual-Column test machine
10 HP Switched Reluctance Drives
High Speed Drives for Marine Application
Dual Axis Drives for Sun-following PV Trackers
Sensorless PM Motor Drives for Aircraft Compressors
Ultra-High Speed Motor Drives

Power Electronics

Boost Rectifier & Inverter for 400Hz Aircraft
Single Phase Power Factor Correction and Motor Drives for Water Pumps
Power Factor Correction Design for >500kW HVAC System
High Power (90kW) Boost Rectifiers for Multi-axis Machine Tool
Power Converters for Rail-road Train Applications
Harmonic Filter Design for Inverter-driven Centrifugal Pump

System Design

Design of Grid-connected PV Inverter System for Residential & Commercial
5kW Generator Load Test System for Aerospace Applications
50kW Aircraft Generator Test System