Established in 1997, Drivetech has developed both low-cost and high performance power converters, generators and drives for DC motors, brushless, PM synchronous, induction and reluctance motors applied in industrial, appliance, automotive, medical, aerospace and military use. Drivetech’s experience includes starter-generators, grid-connected & standalone inverters, and renewable energy power systems. Dr. Dal Y. Ohm (Founder and President) has more than 20 years of practical design and academic experience in motor control and power electronics.

Areas of Specialty

  • Development of Motor Drives for customer-specific applications. Development includes prototype printed circuit hardware, Power stage with heat-sink, Logic and Firmware design that meets performance objectives, schedule, and cost goal.
  • Numerous design experience based on DSP micro-controllers (TI and Analog Devices) and brushless control chips (Motorola and Unitrode).
  • Motor Control Algorithm and Software for Brushless Motors, Induction Motors, Switched Reluctance Motors, and Various Stepper Motors. Solid understanding and practice on Flux Vector Control Theory and Sensorless Control Methods for Synchronous and Induction Motors.
  • Control of Specialty Motors (Linear Motors, Slotless Motors, Axial-magnet Motors, Reluctance Motors, Direct Drive Torque Motors)
  • Digital control algorithms and software design for motion control applications. PID, PDFF, state-space and Fuzzy logic control.
  • PWM (SVM) Technology, Power Factor Correction, Power supplies.
  • Static Inverters, Grid-connected Inverters, and Power Systems dealing with renewable energies including Wind, Tidal, and Solar Power.
  • Integrated Starter-Generator for Automotive and Aircraft Applications.
  • Comprehensive Analysis of Motion Control and Drive Products and Systems. Optimal Selection, Sizing and Configuration of Motion Control Systems.
  • Network Communication Protocols (SERCOS, DeviceNet, Profibus)
    Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems including Motors, Motion and Power Electronics.
  • Expert consultation in definition and design of competitive, high performance, low-cost motor drive products or motion systems and to move them into production quickly with minimum risk
  • On-site customized workshop for intensive tutorial on Electric Machines, Vector Control, Digital Servo systems, Advanced Compensator Design, Motor control, etc.

Biographies of Key Personnel

Dr. Dal Y. Ohm (President) has spent most of his industrial and academic career in applied R & D and product development of diverse AC and DC motor drives, motion control, and Power Electronics. He has successfully applied many advanced concepts and technologies into products for performance improvement and cost reduction. He not only has hands-on skills on analog, digital and software design but also has in-depth understanding on the physical characteristics of the motors and drives as well as application requirements.
Prior to his current position, he was with Kollmorgen Motion Technologies Group as Technical Director, Research and Development. Prior to that, he designed and developed various DSP based motor drives and motion control products at Baldor Electric Company, Electrocraft Corporation, AMAF Industries and LG Industrial Systems. He was an adjunct professor at San Jose State University, NPU, and Cogswell Polytechnical College and taught engineering courses including Electric Machines, Robotics, and Digital Control Systems. He received his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas. Dr. Ohm lead many motor drive short courses (tutorials) at major conferences (PCIM, IMCSS, PT Design, APEC, Motor and Drive Systems, etc.), and is currently a faculty member of SMMA Motor and Motion College Courses. He is the inventor of several patents (in process) on motor control methods and the author of more than 50 technical articles, papers, and conference proceedings. He is affiliated with IEEE, SAE, SMMA.

Employment Opportunities

Dr. Jae H. Park (Consultant) has been with Drivetech for more than 10 years. He developed motor drive firmware from sensorless to sensored AC induction motor and brushless DC motor in a variety of sizes and schemes in addition to other experiences. His area of specialty includes Motion control firmware, software algorithm, digital and image signal processing, computer algorithms and power electronics. Prior to his current position, Dr. Park was CEO and President of Adaptive Genomics Corp., and Research Scientist at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. He received his Ph.D from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University and his M.S. from California State University, Fullerton.

Employment Opportunities

Drivetech is a fast-growing consulting company with many challenging designs in power electronics and motor control. From time to time, we are looking for innovative minds at all experience levels. If interested, please forward your resume at ohm@drivetechinc.com for consideration.

  • Power Electronics Engineer – High Power ( 1 kW – 500 kW) Electronics Circuit design for Motor Drives and Grid-connected Inverters. Experience in EMI, IGBT, PSPICE, Gate Drives will be a plus.
  • Control Electronics Engineer – Hardware engineer for Digital Circuit, DSP, CPLD/FPGA, etc. MATLAB, Communication Protocols (CAN, Ethernet, PROFIBUS etc.) as well as good background in Signal Processing and Motor Control Algorithm will be a plus.
  • Firmware Engineer – Firmware programmer fluent with C/C++ and TI Assembler (with Code Composer) and motor control algorithm.